A place for me to discuss often controversial topics. Speak my mind a little, and welcome other’s opinions as well. After all, our collection of opinions shapes our outlook on life, our paradigm. Discussing these topics may very well reveal perspectives that might shift my paradigm, or perhaps yours!

(47) Brown County Apple Butter Showdown

The weather forecast was predicting a weekend of rain. That didn’t stop Rachel and I from taking the opportunity of a shared weekend off to take the Trailmanor down to Brown County State Park for some change of scenery. This was our first trip to Brown County with the Trailmanor, and the first time I’ve … Continue reading »

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(35) Are you a ‘Black Friday’ shopper?

Let me share with you a my story regarding ‘Black Friday’ shopping. For those of you who are not familiar with this, it is the day after Thanksgiving when stores open up extremely early in the morning and offer deep discounts on items. It got its name from being the day when many retailers’ profits … Continue reading »

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(21) Endangered Veterans Monument, Benjamin Report, Tow Dolly Restoration

I got a disturbing email today from the VFW. The liberal whackos in California are crying about a 65+ year old Veteran’s Monument that was erected in the middle of the desert following World War I. It’s a load of coohockey, so I’m asking friends and family and fellow veterans to go to the site … Continue reading »

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