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(22) N2K9 Days 1 & 2

Ahhh… Now to enjoy my vacation. It all started Wednesday morning… I was awoken by a nice thunderstorm about 5:30am, a good hour before the alarm was set to go off. I opened the blind on the bedroom window to expose a good lightning storm and solid rain. I just knew I should have followed … Continue reading »

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(21) Endangered Veterans Monument, Benjamin Report, Tow Dolly Restoration

I got a disturbing email today from the VFW. The liberal whackos in California are crying about a 65+ year old Veteran’s Monument that was erected in the middle of the desert following World War I. It’s a load of coohockey, so I’m asking friends and family and fellow veterans to go to the site … Continue reading »

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(20) Lunch at Province Park and the Benjamin Report

Well on Sunday the weather was so beautiful I decided to take Amber out for lunch in Province Park. We stopped first at the new Rally’s that just opened up in Franklin and picked up some food. We snapped some pictures of the courthouse and statue of Ben Franklin at the Franklin College campus on … Continue reading »

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(19) 2009 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

Last Sunday was the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, on the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With a 30 percent chance of isolated thundershowers, we were hoping for the best as we loaded up in the Subaru sunday morning. Traffic was abnormally backed up compared to other races I’ve attended. … Continue reading »

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(18) Wedding Day, Birthday, Lanscaping, and the Historic Artcraft Theatre

Whoa Nellie! Have I got some updating to do here! I’ve been busy as all get out, and have had some great experiences to share with you folks. Here we go: April 25th 2009 was a huge day for the family, as little sister Amanda recited her vows and sealed the deal to a Mr. … Continue reading »

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