(41) Houston: A picture is worth a thousand words…

Posted by on February 9, 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which sure saves me a lot of typing.  However our trip to the Museum of Fine Arts – Houston netted us very few pictures as the inside of the museum is a no-camera zone.  Looks like I’ve got some typing to do then..

It all started during our vacation pre-planning phase when we discovered the Houston City Pass that gives you a discounted lump-sum price for admission to some of Houston’s greatest locations.   The plan today was to knock out a few of these places in the museum district, starting with the Museum of Fine Arts.  After our routine breakast of Texas waffles, we plugged the address into the Google Navigation on our android phone and headed north on I45 towards Houston.  About 25 minutes later we were parked on the street directly outside the museum.  Gosh it’s nice to travel in the off-season.  We went inside to trade our printed receipts from home into the city pass booklets and found that we were in the wrong end of the museum.  The attendant gave us some vague directions on how to get to the other building through an underground tunnel and we went on our way.  The ‘tunnel’ was some sort of futuristic warp-zone portal; a real eye teaser. 


After we passed through this warp zone, we found the information desk and redeemed our houston city pass vouchers for our ticketbooks.  The nice lady working at the counter decided to let us in for free so we could use the tickets again, which was very nice.  We worked our way through the first building, checking out all sorts of ancient relics, sculptures, paintings, tombs, sarcophagus, jewelry, furniture, paintings, and so forth.  Some were absolutely amazing to see the level of detail the painters could produce, even hundreds of years ago.  Some, on the other hand, were so crude and simple that had me wondering how it could be considered art let alone be shown in such a prominent gallery.  Some really looked like kindergarten finger paintings, but others looked like professional photographs.  There were other displays of mind-benders and such that were really neat to gaze at.  Probably Rachel’s favorite part was the huge escalator that must have went 50-60 feet up in the air. (She doesn’t care for escalators, or heights)

After making our way around the first building, we headed back towards the tunnel and decided to stop at the cafe for some lunch.  Figured it would be a nice gesture to spend a little money in there since we got in free.  We had a couple deli sandwiches and some fancy tea at a table next to a group of Japanese high schoolers who were visiting the museum.  Back through the warp zone and we were ready to go through the second building where we had initially come in.  This building was divided into sections of rooms based on geographical cultures.  All sorts of interesting artifacts and relics from ancient China/Asia, Middle East, South America, and India.  sure wish I could have taken some pictures here, especially of a giant 5 foot tall blue-sequence Budda figure. 

Finally we had made it through both buildings and headed back out to the car.  Once we got outside we noticed a sculpture park just across the street and decided to take a quick gander since it was such a nice day.  We were able to take pictures outside, so these are the only pictures of ‘art’ that will make it in the blog.  For that, I will let the pictures do the typing.   We were pretty wore out from walking and Rachel wasn’t feeling up to more museums today, so we decided to high-tail it back to the hotel for a early afternoon nap.  The freedoms and flexibility of vacation sure are nice to be able to call an impromptu naptime whenever you see fit.  After a short battle with the 4 o’clock Houston rush hour traffic we were back at the Comfort Suites.

That evening we went to an italian restaurant called Zio’s for what turned out to be an awesome $30 dinner for two; bread and dipping oil, fried ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, 2 glasses of chardonnay and oreo dessert.  Far and away the best dinner table we’ve sat at yet in our adventure.   After dinner we decided to swing by the game stop to get a new copy of Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii, since I had left mine in Dallas by accident.  We were too late and the Game Stop was already closed, so we ventured up Frontage Road to the Walmart who was out of stock, but we did settle on Mario Kart.  Unwilling to accept defeat, we found a Target store.  Upon pulling into the parking lot we noticed a carnival of red and blue lights.  There were about 5 police cars surrounding a car.  I parked close, but not too close, to the action.  As we walked towards the door we saw a guy in cuffs laying on the ground and his car was under search.  Must have been a pretty serious bust to have drawn that much police attention.  As I walked past some people standing outside watching the action I said “I don’t think I’ll be shoplifting from this store!”  Anyways, we were in and out of Target with a new copy of  Tiger Woods Golf  for the Wii.

Was quite an interesting day.  Until next time…

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