(36) New Year’s Resolution: NFL Training Camp!

Posted by on January 7, 2011

Apparently I was a good boy last year, because under the Christmas Tree I found an abundance of presents marked ‘To: Lucas’. They were wrapped carefully in a variety of modern and festive and shiny bows. I sure got spoiled this year! One of my gifts was this cool new workout game for the Wii called EA Sports NFL Training Camp. It comes with a heart-rate monitoring arm sensor and a leg sensor, challenging workout routines, and online progress tracking. Very cool! I had the first EA Active game, which was also a great workout tool, but lacked heart-rate monitoring which I feel is a pretty important thing to keep track of when giving your ticker a testing. I’ve learned that for your age and fitness level, there are appropriate ‘zones’ to keep your heart-rate at while exercising to maximize benefits. There is a separate zone for fat burning than cardiovascular training, and so forth. Just like anything else; if it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.

Now for the fun part. Working out is a little easier when your mind is drawn away from the aches and pains. This game accomplishes this by pairing you up with a different NFL athlete for each workout, and presenting you with a wide variety of basic repetition exercises, obstacle course circuit training, and football fundamental simulations for different player positions. It truly does take the mind away from the fact that you are giving your body a great workout, plus it makes my workout time feel noticeably shorter since I’m starstruck by getting to work out with all the Colts players! Peyton gave me a good first workout.

Hoping to get some good use from this to get into better shape. With all the Colts injuries resulting in putting in 3rd string and practice squad players, I think I’ve got a good chance for at least a special teams spot next season! We’ll see…

In the mean time, check out this video about EA Sports NFL Training Camp!

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