(21) Endangered Veterans Monument, Benjamin Report, Tow Dolly Restoration

Posted by on June 9, 2009

I got a disturbing email today from the VFW. The liberal whackos in California are crying about a 65+ year old Veteran’s Monument that was erected in the middle of the desert following World War I. It’s a load of coohockey, so I’m asking friends and family and fellow veterans to go to the site and sign the petition to the US Supreme Court. Look at the ‘Don’t Tear Me Down’ widget thingy to the right under today’s pictures.

Now for the Benjamin Report: This last Saturday the Indianapolis Colts visited Franklin to practice at Franklin College’s football field. Mr. Benjamin Franklin was the first to greet the team as the bus drove by him. He was almost mistaken for a member of the team! Check out the picture!

Now, on to today’s activities…

I’m on vacation this week, and am preparing for a 5 day trip to Belvidere Illinois, home of the only US Chrysler plant that manufactured the Dodge/Plymouth Neon. (The other was Toluca, Mexico) Every year a national rally is held in Belvidere for Neon owners and enthusiasts nationwide. Having owned and toyed with my Neon since 2000, I have always wanted to make the pilgrimage to this Mopar Mecca. Whether it be lack of money, scheduling conflicts, military deployments, or the Neon being broken down, I have yet to make it to this annual event. Well finally the moons aligned or something, and I’m leaving Wednesday for Neons 2009, dubbed N2K9.

I am going to be towing the Neon there, as I don’t want to be stranded if the car has any issues or breaks during the racing events. I’ve been scouring the internet and local classifieds for the last few weeks hoping to score a good deal on a tow dolly. I wasn’t having much luck finding a dolly with electric brakes for much of a bargain. Finally yesterday I found a dolly with brakes, but it was pretty rusty from sitting outside. Everything mechanically was sound, and the brakes had not ever been used. Also included was a toolbox and electric winch for pulling a non-running car onto the dolly. This dolly new without the winch and toolbox sells for over $1200, and the guy was asking $775 for it. I offered him $600, and he said he’d take $625. Done deal. I pulled it home and put it on jackstands in the garage. I completely disassembled the entire dolly, knocked off all the rust with my angle grinder and sanding discs, repainted all the components, inspected and cleaned the brakes, repacked and relubed the wheel bearings, rewired a bit of the electrical system, and reassembled the whole thing in 2 days. It was a good workout, and I got completely filthy both days, but she sure is looking nice now! Not to mention she’s sporting the ‘Po Boy Motorsports’ colors of red and black. Should look real nice hauling the Neon to Illinois. Now I’m looking at one hell of a mess to clean up in the garage!

Enjoy the pictures while I sweep the floor and clean up.

Until Next Time…

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